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Welcome Back!

Over time, a lot of the original components of the website have been substantially updated by the respective vendors, unfortunately resulting in a significant loss of functionality for the time being. Please rest assured that I will be addressing those issues as a matter of priority and they will be rectified asap.

You may notice that there is provision for photographs on the owners and trainers pages but unfortunately I do not have very many photographs to populate those pages. It would therefore be greatly appreciated if you could forward by email any industry related photographs of your family members that are/were trainers or owners, for display on those pages. Naturally I am extremely grateful for any assistance you may render in this regard.

I have also included a new Statistics item in the Main Menu which over time will be devoted to racing-related data, such as distances, grades, stakesmoney, box draws, etc. This information will start to flow following the successful resolution of the transition problems we are currently experiencing.

A major addition to the website, in the form of a sophisticated discussion forum, is also under consideration. Hopefully that might enable a more convenient, more orderly and organized approach to discussion of Industry issues, to the benefit of all concerned.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and as always, I look forward to and very much appreciate your feedback regarding racing errors of fact, website page presentation issues (hope you've got at least a 22" monitor lol) and any other problems you detect.

Ray Noel

Email: raynoel56@gmail.com

Mobile: 0407 741 090