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Total matches for Owner Group search on "Cosi Dagostino" = 33

Total starters for Owner "Cosi Dagostino" = 2177

Owner Groups Race
From To
CG Carpenter, Cosi Dagostino, VD Panetta, Pete Sayer 60     0     18th-Jan-1997 23rd-May-1998
Cosi Dagostino 861     38     3rd-Jun-1993 8th-Aug-2022
Cosi Dagostino, Brad Cook 5     0     28th-Dec-2007 6th-Mar-2008
Cosi Dagostino, D Lees 14     1     3rd-May-2007 25th-Sep-2007
Cosi Dagostino, Darren Rowe, SR Rowe 49     0     9th-Jun-1995 7th-Dec-1996
Cosi Dagostino, Dave Menaglio 246     0     26th-Jul-2008 30th-Jul-2011
Cosi Dagostino, Des Green 1     0     26th-Sep-1998 26th-Sep-1998
Cosi Dagostino, John Edwards 4     1     23rd-Aug-2001 3rd-Jan-2002
Cosi Dagostino, John Iwanyk 9     0     25th-Jun-1994 17th-Sep-1994
Cosi Dagostino, K Loy, GJ Mossman 2     1     11th-Sep-2007 26th-Sep-2007
Cosi Dagostino, KG Loy, GJ Mossman 21     3     14th-Mar-2007 6th-Mar-2008
Cosi Dagostino, M Pearson 5     0     6th-Mar-1999 29th-Apr-1999
Cosi Dagostino, M Vodagaz 100     0     4th-Dec-2007 6th-Nov-2010
Cosi Dagostino, Mark Morrone 15     4     16th-May-2001 18th-Feb-2002
Cosi Dagostino, Paul Mills 6     0     18th-Jul-1996 24th-Aug-1996
Cosi Dagostino, PG Halton 4     0     13th-May-2000 15th-Jun-2000
Cosi Dagostino, R De Gasperis, A Italiano, M Martella 49     0     23rd-Jul-2004 17th-Feb-2006
Cosi Dagostino, Sharon Smith 14     0     16th-Apr-1998 5th-Sep-1998
Cosi Dagostino, Sharon Wells 101     0     15th-Feb-2001 24th-May-2002
Cosi Dagostino, Tim Gummow 16     0     19th-Sep-2017 22nd-Feb-2018
Cosi Dagostino, Vince Panetta 16     1     15th-Jan-1997 30th-Aug-1997
D Coburn, Cosi Dagostino, D Mearns 12     2     13th-Aug-2003 22nd-Nov-2003
D Coburn, Cosi Dagostino, D Mearns, S Noonan 5     1     29th-Jan-2003 8th-Apr-2003
Diane Beckett, Cosi Dagostino 0     3     30th-Jan-2001 22nd-Feb-2001
DM Coburn, Cosi Dagostino, PG Halton 46     0     9th-Mar-1998 16th-Sep-1999
JP Cawthorne, Cosi Dagostino 393     9     19th-Jul-2003 20th-Apr-2007
JP Cawthorne, Cosi Dagostino, Nathan Iwanyk 4     0     28th-Feb-2007 10th-Apr-2007
JP Cawthorne, Cosi Dagostino, PG Halton 13     0     27th-Aug-2001 4th-Apr-2002
JP Cawthorne, Glen Currie, Cosi Dagostino 6     1     2nd-Jan-2003 6th-May-2003
K Marsh, Cosi Dagostino, J Marsh 6     0     29th-Aug-2008 3rd-Oct-2008
Ken Marsh, Cosi Dagostino, Jamie Marsh 9     0     24th-May-2008 6th-Aug-2008
Nathan Iwanyk, Cosi Dagostino 3     1     16th-Jan-2008 7th-Feb-2008
RJ Brown, Cosi Dagostino 16     0     19th-Mar-1994 15th-May-1995