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Owner Group Search Results

Total matches for Owner Group search on "Judy Hubbard" = 5

Total starters for Owner "Judy Hubbard" = 928

Owner Groups Race
From To
Ian Bunny, Judy Hubbard 602     21     6th-Dec-2013 28th-Jun-2020
Judy Hubbard 254     6     10th-Jan-2006 7th-Aug-2022
Judy Hubbard, Kevin Lowry 8     0     10th-May-2022 9th-Aug-2022
Judy Hubbard, Michael Green 20     0     25th-Feb-2006 2nd-Nov-2006
Judy Hubbard, Michael Green, B Chisolm, S Gallagher 17     0     21st-Feb-2006 9th-Nov-2006