Country Novice - [YN] - 275 metres
Stakes - $1,575 : 1st - $1,050 : 2nd - $315 : 3rd - $155 : 4th - $55 : Starters Fee - $50
19:09 WST
TAB Starter Grade Sire Dam Colour Sex Whelped Owner(/s) Trainer
  BLACKWOOD BLUE 5   My Bro Fabio   Jazz Me Up   Blue   D   Jan-2019     Robert Cullen   Michael Hine  
  FLASH AS ONE 5   Fernando Bale   Stand As One   White And Black   D   Dec-2018     Bryan Wilson   Phillip Worthington  
  BARONESS TESSA 5   Mogambo   Noble Spirit   Black   B   Apr-2018     Dean Barry, Tessa Daly   Pete Brown  
  LIGHTNING ZACH 5   Lightning Frank   Pedro's Vineyard   Black   D   Jan-2018     Terry Bolton   Barry McPherson  
  GABBY GABBY 6   Fernando Bale   Little Pookie   Brindle   B   Mar-2018     Murray Stewart   Dave Brown  
  TOP FUN 5   Kinda Cruel Red   Jamaica The Fun   Black   D   Jul-2019     Lexia Isaac, Mick Pollard, Kerry Walsh, Phil Walsh   Lexia Isaac  
  NADIA BALE 5   Kinda Cruel Red   Dyna Willow   Red Brindle   B   Dec-2018     Ricky Valenti, Stephanie Catchpole   Ricky Valenti  
  KISS THIS MOMENT 5   Barcia Bale   Crazy Sexy   Black   B   Jul-2018     Sarah Appleton   Sarah Appleton  
  WRECK IT ROSY 6   David Bale   West On Sally   Black   B   Apr-2018     Franz Degenkolbe   Barry McPherson  
  FORGOT I FORGOT 5   David Bale   West On Sally   Red Brindle   B   Apr-2018     Michael Rylands, Eunice Miles   Michael Rylands