Country Losing Sequence Grade 6 - [Y6-LS] - 302 metres
Stakes - $1,500 : 1st - $1,000 : 2nd - $300 : 3rd - $150 : 4th - $50 : Starters Fee - $50
21:17 WST
TAB Starter Grade Sire Dam Colour Sex Whelped Owner(/s) Trainer
  BELLA'S WAY 6   Worm Burner   Molly Dobbs   Black   B   Sep-2018     Kevin Lowry, Jan Lowry   Phillip Worthington  
  DANDALUP MAGIC 6   Magic Sprite   Rerod Rose   Black   B   Mar-2017     Karl Jovanovic, Michelle Jovanovic   Karl Jovanovic  
  EXPECT A SPRING 6   Kinloch Brae   Expect A Guess   Brindle   B   Feb-2017     Shane Beard   Shane Beard  
  DANDALUP SILVER 6   Fernando Bale   Dandalup Ivyrose   Black   B   Apr-2018     Tania Thomas, Dave Slattery, Barry Moir, Sharyn White   Tania Thomas  
  RANSOME THE OPAL 6   Black Magic Opal   Lemon Tree Girl   Red Fawn   B   Mar-2017     Bandits HQ   Darren Rowe  
  DOUBLE CRACKER 6   Dyna Double One   Roxy Mac   Red Fawn   B   Feb-2016     Kylie McLennan   Kylie McLennan  
  GO LUCY GO 6   Fabregas   Houso Delight   Black   B   Sep-2016     Shane Beard   Shane Beard  
  GAVIN'S GIRL 6   Fernando Bale   Ema's Princess   Blue Brindle   B   Mar-2018     Pete Brown, Angela Brown   Pete Brown  
  BE SEEING YOU 6   Dyna Villa   Uno Suzie   Black   B   May-2017     Darren Rowe   Darren Rowe  
  SHE'S A WILDLING 6   Barcia Bale   Schmickeydoo   Black   B   Jan-2018     Shane Beard   Shane Beard