Country Novice - [YN] - 405 metres
Stakes - $1,735 : 1st - $1,150 : 2nd - $350 : 3rd - $175 : 4th - $60 : Starters Fee - $50
19:11 WST
TAB Starter Grade Sire Dam Colour Sex Whelped Owner(/s) Trainer
  BLUE CRAYON 5   Fernando Bale   Oakvale Destiny   Blue   B   Sep-2018     Pete Brown, Angela Brown   Trudi Mitchem  
  SARAH KEEPING 5   Kinloch Brae   Kim Keeping   Red Brindle   B   Mar-2019     Karl Hassan, Brad Cook, Victoria Cook   Victoria Cook  
  MR LITTLE HOOK 5   Dyna Double One   Peking Tux   Black And White   D   Feb-2018     Leeanne Nelson   Jen Thompson  
  INSIDIOUS RIO 5   My Bro Fabio   Princess Sophia   Blue   B   Aug-2018     Roller Coaster Racing   Ben MacLean  
  SIMPLY WHATEVER 5   Big Daddy Cool   Quick To Go   White And Black   D   Jan-2018     Trudi Mitchem   Trudi Mitchem  
  ZIPPING LIAM 5   El Grand Senor   Zipping Abby   Black   D   Apr-2018     Tim Aloisi, Matthew Lehman   Tim Mullany  
  THINK BIG MOMENT 5   Aston Dee Bee   Thinkalot   Black   D   Oct-2018     Sarah Appleton   Sarah Appleton  
  CRYING DIAMONDS 5   Tureaud   Olivia Benson   Black   D   Nov-2018     Darren Rowe   Darren Rowe