Country Free To All Stake - [YF] - 302 metres
Stakes - $1,900 : 1st - $1,260 : 2nd - $380 : 3rd - $190 : 4th - $70 : Starters Fee - $50
20:42 WST
TAB Starter Grade Sire Dam Colour Sex Whelped Owner(/s) Trainer
  ONE LAST HURRAH 3   Glen Gallon   Walk With Faith   Brindle   B   Jun-2017     Karl Hassan, Brad Cook, Victoria Cook   Brad Cook  
  BUNDI BANNER 1   Dyna Double One   Elleni Banner   Black   D   Mar-2018     Brandon Magistro   David Magistro  
  ORIENTAL OWEN 2   Awesome Project   Isadoll   Black   D   May-2016     Stephen Richards   Stephen Richards  
  TRY CATCH ME 1   Fernando Bale   Iona Champion   Red Brindle   D   Mar-2018     Heather Dagostino   Cosi Dagostino  
  KINGSBRAE CINDY 4   Magic Sprite   Kingsbrae Molly   Black   B   Jan-2018     Michael Rees, Michelle Rees, Joshua Rees   Michael Rees  
  FAST FOOD JUNKIE 1   Fernando Bale   Paua To Avoid   Black   D   Apr-2018     Roller Coaster Racing   Ben MacLean  
  JUNK YARD SPOT 2   Fernando Bale   Dallas Monelli   White And Black   D   Feb-2018     James Jeffries, Gemma Jovanovic   James Jeffries  
  JUST TERMINAL 2   Barcia Bale   Motel Girl   Blue Brindle   D   Jun-2018     Victoria Cook, Brad Cook   Brad Cook