Greyhound Trainer Owner(s) Date Race Grade Box Place Sect1   Sect2   Sect3   Time  
AKALI Ben MacLean Drew Goodman 28-Jun-2021   R2 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.46      16.00 
BLACK GARNET Ben MacLean Jeff Galea 24-May-2021   R4 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.57      16.12 
COMPLETE TRUST Brad Cook Ronald Roberts 9-May-2021   R2 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.57      16.13 
ICONIC FUN Lexia Isaac Lexia Isaac, Mick Pollard, Kerry Walsh, Phil Walsh 6-Jun-2021   R11 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.59      16.13 
BETTY BLINDER Justin Wright Justin Wright 5-Jul-2020   R3 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.58      16.14 
WHERE'S THE GIRL Ben MacLean Roller Coaster Racing 9-May-2021   R2 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.51      16.18 
COMPLETE TRUST Brad Cook Ronald Roberts 26-Apr-2021   R4 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.55      16.19 
BELLA'S WAY Phillip Worthington Kevin Lowry, Jan Lowry 26-Apr-2021   R4 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.61      16.19 
LOOKOUT SNICKERS Ben MacLean Eric Campana 5-Jul-2020   R3 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.50      16.20 
SHE'S DUE Pete Brown Kelmy Dogs 26-Apr-2021   R4 Y-5/6-LS 3rd 5.44      16.20 
PINCH ME Stephen Richards Stephen Richards 6-Dec-2020   R4 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.62      16.23 
TRANSPIRE Ben MacLean Ben MacLean, Amanda MacLean 5-Oct-2020   R2 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.72      16.25 
CRUEL BANDIT Ben MacLean Northern Prince 6-Jun-2021   R11 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.71      16.25 
KID FABIO Anthony Bendeich Anthony Bendeich 9-May-2021   R2 Y-5/6-LS 3rd 5.64      16.27 
MAX BEAU Darren Rowe Jacinta Rowe 9-Aug-2021   R3 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.63      16.28 
PRODUCTIVE GUESS Trevor Augustin Trevor Augustin, Rachael Swain 5-Oct-2020   R2 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.60      16.31 
ABBEY SIOBHAN Murray Stewart Anthony Bendeich 6-Dec-2020   R4 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.48      16.32 
MOMENT TO TWELVE Sarah Appleton Sarah Appleton 25-Jan-2021   R12 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.65      16.33 
MINI BOSS Brad Cook Nat Crook 6-Dec-2020   R4 Y-5/6-LS 3rd 5.54      16.34 
LITTLE KICKS Brad Cook Karl Hassan, Brad Cook, Victoria Cook 5-Jul-2020   R3 Y-5/6-LS 3rd 5.65      16.35 
STICKY VICKI Jen Thompson Chris Norris, Dudley Parker, Damien Riley 5-Oct-2020   R2 Y-5/6-LS 3rd 5.68      16.35 
JOE GUNDI Dave Brown Christine Bennett 9-May-2021   R2 Y-5/6-LS 4th 5.57      16.35 
PIRATE MANIA Michael Rylands Michael Rylands 26-Apr-2021   R4 Y-5/6-LS 4th 5.53      16.36 
CHUCK THE REST Pete Brown Amanda MacLean, Angela Brown 9-Aug-2021   R3 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.66      16.37 
LIGHTNING CASSIE Graham Ellis Dorothy Clark 5-Jul-2020   R3 Y-5/6-LS 4th 5.64      16.39 
ALL ABOUT PAIGE Greg Batty Greg Batty 17-Feb-2020   R12 Y-5/6-LS Won 5.63      16.40 
ABBEY SIOBHAN Murray Stewart Anthony Bendeich 25-Jan-2021   R12 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.52      16.40 
JENNY HOOK Jen Thompson Leeanne Nelson 9-May-2021   R2 Y-5/6-LS 5th 5.62      16.40 
HUMAN FUND Ben MacLean Kao 24-May-2021   R4 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.75      16.43 
JUST A MAV Max Julien Kyanne Brown 17-Feb-2020   R12 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.76      16.45 
HELLO ISSY Wayne Beamish Wayne Beamish 17-Feb-2020   R12 Y-5/6-LS 3rd 5.77      16.45 
IZZY KEEPING Jen Thompson Keeping Kennels 6-Jun-2021   R11 Y-5/6-LS 3rd 5.63      16.46 
DILSTON DEVISE Justin Wood Greg Day 5-Jul-2020   R3 Y-5/6-LS 5th 5.83      16.47 
PAD UP RICHIE Pete Brown Pete Brown 6-Dec-2020   R4 Y-5/6-LS 4th 5.58      16.47 
PING MAGIC Morgan Turner Scott Tate 9-May-2021   R2 Y-5/6-LS 6th 5.68      16.47 
MOMENT TO TWELVE Sarah Appleton Sarah Appleton 24-May-2021   R4 Y-5/6-LS 3rd 5.77      16.47 
HOSS GUNDI Christine Bennett Christine Bennett 28-Jun-2021   R2 Y-5/6-LS 2nd 5.76      16.48 
HOSS GUNDI Murray Stewart Christine Bennett 26-Apr-2021   R4 Y-5/6-LS 5th 5.71      16.51 
LITTLE JERRY Jen Thompson Karl Hassan, Brad Cook, Victoria Cook 26-Apr-2021   R4 Y-5/6-LS 6th 5.74      16.51 
DUNDEE VULCAN Graeme Hall Fig Jam Racing 9-Aug-2021   R3 Y-5/6-LS 3rd 5.72      16.51